Down the pub with Donald Trump

Dipping my toe into American politics has certainly warmed me up a little, things are brewing very nicely across the pond. That chap Donald Trump is marching on in the presidential race, leaving in its wake the Bush and Clinton dynasties, yep Jeb and Hilary are swept into the sidewalk. Trump – the chap is a loud mouth, elitist, sexist, outspoken not to mention crude and that’s when he is being nice.

Is he a racist too?, ohhh so all illegal immigrants from Mexico are criminals and rapists, thanks Donald for your highly researched remarks. In 1973. Trump was sued for alleged racial discrimination in renting apartments from the Trump Management Corporation, I believe it was settled out of court. Add to the list comments made about Obama’s birth origin and calling protesters in Baltimore thugs. Trump may have a point and there may be a degree of truth in what he says. But making remarks without facts is what an American would call someone – a jackass. To make outlandish comments and lies for sound bite purposes is what a British would call – a nob.

Trump kinda reminds me of our own with similar ilk (drumroll) yep you got it – Nigel Farage, okay not as loaded as Trump, but both deliver a similar waffle and yet with a populist tongue. If you could met them down the local pub, you would never know they were there, they would blend in beautifully. In any case Joe Public and John Doe resonate with what Trump/Farage have to say respectively, hence their increased popularity and being icons to many. But alas this is their 7 minutes of fame, when push comes to shove, they will end up in a cul-de-sac, splat against a solid brick wall…ouch.  Look what happened to Farage many votes but jack to show for it, hey see you down the pub Donald and Nigel.

If Trump is to become the most powerful man in the world – President Trump no less, I will eat my hat and shoes or worst still my wife’s aubergine curry…yikes.

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