About me

What can I say, I do a lot of things and talk about a lot of things, which are useless to most and gobbledygook to many respectively. Black sheep of mankind, not in a bad way I hasten to add but maybe in an odd way. My daughter likens me to Victor Meldrew a character in a sitcom One Foot in the Grave, what a bloody cheek I’d say, silly girl.

Ohh I do love to break the rules and challenge the status quo, conformity is bit like a strait-jacket for me, although I suspect most people would like see me in one. Stage in life not bothered by much and simply enjoy it as it comes.

Okay I do enjoy cooking, non fictional reading and staring at the heavens whereby I’m mostly in a perplexed state, that is when the odd clear UK night miraculously appears. Simples 

Let me stop NOW before you lose the will to live

Please do get in touch, world is a small place, let’s make smaller still.

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