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A Plea to Hiring Managers

Dear Hiring Manager, I note you have a vacancy, okay, let us run through this scenario. Get the old JD out, yep dust it off, change the date, maybe a few minor alterations, hand it over to the recruiting folks … Continue reading

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Hiring – Determine Attitudes and Behaviours

For petes sakes don’t ask task based questions but dig a little deeper. Find out how the candidate have behaved in real situations. Match the whole person to the wider role profile. Download the presentation below Competency hiring

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Hiring Tests..yikes

Ace the Assessment by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic on HBR Great article, however to be effective you need a trained and competent person to manage and assess the results. Often tests are performed which are poorly managed and results analysed by a junior … Continue reading

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Team Communications

One to read, to improve communication within a team environment, Your Team Can’t Read Your Mind by Anna Ranieri on HBR

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Stupid rules in the workplace

Great  article by Liz Ryan in Forbes – Five Stupid Rules That Drive Great Employees Away. So very true, seen it often enough. the ole ‘command and control’ mode of management.

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