Team Communications

One to read, to improve communication within a team environment, Your Team Can’t Read Your Mind by Anna Ranieri on HBR

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Stupid rules in the workplace

Great  article by Liz Ryan in Forbes – Five Stupid Rules That Drive Great Employees Away.

So very true, seen it often enough. the ole ‘command and control’ mode of management.

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Countering extremism

David Cameron gave a speech (20/072015) yesterday on tackling extremism with a focus on rejecting extreme Islamist ideologies.

Setting aside my views on the speech itself, got me thinking if upholding British values will stop certain minded people joining groups such as ISIS. I’m not convinced it would.

Would it not make a bigger difference if one upheld values of Humanity, bring it down to the lowest denominator; it’s about valuing people not nations at its lowest level.  If a person with deep-rooted biases and prejudices in a middle of a multicultural society will not integrate easily but will tip=toes as if on eggshells or stand firm. If you see a stranger before you who does not appear ‘the norm’ to you, will you see the person as a potential friend or foe.  Sadly ignorance of other races and culture is one of the causes for the lack of integration. At the national level the nation has to offer opportunities to achieve and prosper, or else people will go elsewhere. Persons’ and nation’s values need to align to make a difference and integration to happen.

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Kelsey Park

Went to Kelsey Park in Beckenham over the weekend, lovely little hidden gem.

It was also wonderful to walk around the park including the small woodland area with a mini waterfall without once stepping on any dog poo, great job dog owners. Wish all parks were the same; normally eyes are gazing downwards dodging dog poo every few n yards.

Enjoy the park.

kensley1 kensley4 kensely2 kensley3

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Super Pluto!

Beautiful Pluto with New Horizons unveiling its detail for us to marvel. To think it’s not even recognised as a planet but known as a dwarf, what a shame. Plus Charon is also getting attention, one of its five satellites others being Styx, Nix, Kerberos and Hydra, a planetary system in its own right. See picture below, courtesy of BBC website. Pluto:-

Pluto close up

Pluto close up


Features of Charon

Features of Charon

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